About Us


Vilate has been a Registered Nurse since 1994. She was an ICU nurse at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital for a few years. In 1999 she branched out to work for Medtronic and learn the pacing field. She returned to the ICU/CCU at the Bakersfield Heart Hospital (BHH) and has worked there since 2000 as a staff and a Resource Nurse. After her children were born, she traded most of her 12 hour shifts to work more in education. She currently works per-diem at BHH and at Truxtun Radiology as a Registered Nurse in the Interventional Radiology Suite.




With a 16 year Intensive Care Unit backround, Kristen had a good spring board to do other things in nursing. She spent 3 years as a House Supervisor (Resource Nurse) at Bakersfield Heart Hospital where she and Vilate started a "Code Blue" training program. Most recently, Kristen worked as a school nurse for severely handicapped children. This has been great, as it has really expanded her pediatric knowledge. But her favorite job was teaching, which she did for 6 years with Kaiser and in the Bakersfield College Licensed Vocational Nurse and Registered Nurse programs.



Medical Education Angels

Kristen and I had been friends for 15 years and had talked about businesses, but none seemed to be the perfect fit. I had taught ACLS for Bakersfield Heart Hospital for 6 years, yet when my sister and her partners struggled to find an ACLS and BLS class we realized how hard it was for people in the community to get medical training. As Kristen and I chatted during our morning commutes, Medical Education Angels slowly started to take form. We chose the name Medical Education Angels in part to thank the angels, both divine and human, that helped it become a reality. At one point we discussed the need to find the right training center. That night, before I went to sleep, I asked the angels, God, and the universe at large to help us find the right sponsor. The next day, Kristen begrudgingly reported to jury duty. At the end of our morning commuter chat she said, "I'm choosing to not be upset and worry about jury duty anymore. For whatever reason it is where I am supposed to be."

Sure enough, she was selected and as the potential jurors were questioned by the lawyers, she discovered she was sitting next to another Registered Nurse. Small talk led the way to this kind human angel sharing about her last BLS and ACLS class. She led us finding the perfect training center. From there, all the details just kept falling into place.

We are excited to offer you, your staff, your friends and family classes. Thank you for your interest and support!


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