Medical Education Angels


Started in 2010, the mission for Medical Education Angels has always been to teach in a fun and non-threatening way. I believe this kind of atmosphere inspires the greatest learning and growth in our students. I am truly blessed to have instructors who absolutely LOVE what they do and people behind the scenes that help everything run smoothly. Most of all, THANK YOU for considering us for your class and a special thanks to everyone who spreads the word about us.




Vilate Bolanos RN began her career on telemetry, then 5 years in the ICU at Memorial. She worked for Medtronic Pacing before finding her way back to the ICU at Bakersfield Heart Hospital. During her 10 years at BHH, she worked in ICU/CCU, as house supervisor, and in clinical education. Although she has done other jobs outside the hospital as well, in 2018 she found her way back to Bakersfield Heart per diem and spends the rest of her time running and teaching MEA and hanging out with her wonderful husband Philip and their amazing teenagers, Anica and Lucas.





Kat Kohler RN, NP began her career at Memorial and is the greatest reference on all things baby and child ever! Kat has taught neonatal resuscitation (NRP) and BLS for Medical Education Angels since 2012. She has more than a decade of Labor and Delivery experience and currently works as a Nurse Practitioner in OB/GYN and pediatrics. She has 2 absolutely adorable boys who love acting and keep her busy.








Mindy Hixon RN, BSN began her career at Heart Hospital on telemetry before moving to ICU. After gaining experience there, she began side work in the interventional radiology suite and eventually tried OPS and PACU. She is upbeat, fun and will keep you laughing during your class while making sure everyone learns! She has 2 very sweet and beautiful little girls.







Julie Atkin RN began her career with 8 years in the ICU at Memorial Hospital. After 3 little ones, she tried some school nursing before MEA snapped up her! She is one of those people who instantly puts you at ease. She does not hesitate to get on the floor with you and help you until you feel confident! She has 2 daughters and 1 son, so when she isn’t teaching, she’s on the go!







Taryn Watt RN began her career at Heart Hospital with experience on telemetry and ICU. She has also done a variety of positions in the outpatient world making her well rounded and experienced in lots of different areas. She loves to teach, and her high energy and enthusiasm helps every class! She has 2 little girls who are so stinking cute!







Sebrina Welch-Sanchez RN has spent most of her career at Memorial Hospital in the ICU. She has more than 2 decades of experience there and has the sweetest, most nurturing disposition when she teaches. She works with everyone until they are confident. She has grown children and several grandchildren which are the loves of her life






Cindy Estrada RN, CCRN began her career as a tech in the operating room before finishing her RN and moving to the ICU. After years as staff and charge in the ICU, she is trying her hand at different positions. She will constantly keep you laughing at her stories and great energy! You will never forget her or her bright lipstick. She has 3 adorable "littles" at home and lots of fur babies as well.





We are pleased to support Olivia's Heart Project. This non-profit business is devoted to getting CPR training and AED's in schools, free heart-health screening for adolecents, and building a stronger, healthier community through education. Clicking the logo will open their website in a new brower tab.

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