Help I'm about to expire!

We offer classes every week and two weekends a month. Since, we are both practicing nurses and moms we have to work around our work and family schedules too. Classes can usually be scheduled within two weeks' notice. If you need a class within the week and are prepared, (and we don't have a class scheduled) consider an individual class but please note there may be an additional charge.

Do you offer individual classes?

If you wish to receive a one on one class, we will block a date for just you. There is an additional surcharge of $50.00 for CPR and $100.00 for ACLS/PALS.†

How soon do I get my provider card?

As of 2018, the American Heart Association is finishing up with paper cards and changing to ecards. After your course, the instructor will enter your name, class details, and email into the AHA instructorís network. Their site will generate an email to you from ecards@heart.org. Open the email and click the link that says: Click here to claim your ecard. It will now show you the information your instructor entered in gray scale for you to review and at the bottom prompt you to create a security question and then ask you a few evaluation questions about your class. Once you have done that, it will give you the options to download, view, email, print either full size or wallet versions of your card. (You can do them all if you like!) After you have claimed your card, you can go back to the website ecards@heart.org anytime and enter your name, email and then answer your security question and you can print extra copies!

I'm familiar with all the content; do I still need a book?

We understand that if you work with this all the time and have 4 ACLS books on the shelf, the last thing you want is a 5th one. But yes, the AHA does require you have a book. Many employers have a library with a few copies you can use and the books can be borrowed, rented, or checked out from the library. If cost is an issue, please let us know- we donít ever want money to a barrier to someone getting the class they need.

How do I know if I need an American Heart Association (AHA) Class or American Red Cross (ARC)?

If you are unsure, please read through the course descriptions, give us a call and/or check with your employer.

I have special needs. Can you accommodate me?

All classes require some degree of physical mobility to demonstrate chest compressions and various skills. We recommend everyone wear loose and comfortable clothing. If you have any limitations, we will make every effort to accommodate you. Please notify us before your class so that we can work with you.

Do you take credit cards or personal checks?

Yes, we take credit cards, cash, and personal checks. However, your check must clear before you will recieve your card. A $30 bounced check fee will be passed along to the participant to cover bank fees.

Where are classes held? Can you come to my business?

We can absolutely come to you if you have a small group. For individual classes, we teach from our classroom which is set up with a great monitor and simulator to meet the needs of all our groups!

Do you offer any discounts?

For groups of 6 or more, we will negotiate a discount with you. Please let us know you have a group when scheduling! We also offer individuals a discount if they are attending more than one class with us in the same month.

What if I don't pass?

Itís rare but sometimes life happens and we end up unprepared or test anxiety causes us to forget everything we know! Although almost all students pass the first time, occasionally there is a need to remediate. We will work with you up to two separate occasions at no additional charge to help you feel confident in your knowledge and skills. If you show the initiative to learn, then we will be successful!

What if I need more practice?

If you've taken our class, you are welcome to come back and audit that course anytime for the next 2 years for free. Sit in the lectures, practice in the skills stations and megacodes until you feel confident.

Financial hardship?

We never want payment to be an obstacle in your education. If you truly need this course but financial circumstances are standing in your way, please email us and let us know. We will work out payment options with you.

How can I contact MEA?

You can email, text or call us!
Vilate 661-205-0927

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