Medical Education Angels (MEA) would not be successful without the all the wonderful individuals who have chosen to take classes with us. It has been a great opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people in our community! THANK YOU - we learn as much from you as you do from us.

We started teaching as MEA in April 2010, here are a few of the comments we have received on our class evaluations:

“I was very satisfied with the course and the guidance that Kristen and Vilate gave. Very fun and no stress at all!” --BC Nursing Student

"It was great!” RN - Kern Medical Center

“Positive 1 on 1 interaction”- Local Physician

“Instructor was helpful and understanding. Kept the class alive.” - Local personal trainer

“Kristen made this training very interesting and comfortable while learning the right content. I would recommend her to anyone needing CPR training.” - Medical Assistant at MD office

“Vilate was clear, easy to understand and specific!” RN - Southern California Orthopedic Institute

“Relaxed environment, convenient times, all the needed equipment was here, no pressure.” RN - Memorial Hospital

“Everything was perfect.” -Lifeguard

“Thank you so much! Instruction/material/equipment was amazing!” -School Nurse

“Great availability, fair pricing, perfect location.” RN - Kern County Superintendent of Schools

“Very convenient and very educational.” RN - Heart Hospital

“Very well done and easy.” Local Radiologist

“Will take it again.” RN - Memorial Hospital

“Excellent Instructors.” Nursing staff - Central Cardiology Medical Clinic

“Very helpful and informative.” -Staff -Kelly Management

“I took the course for my job at InShape gym. It was quick and painless.” Staff - InShape Gym

“We met all the AHA guidelines - most relaxed ACLS class I have ever taken!” RN- Heart Hospital

“Good job explaining discrepancies in book. Nice relaxed environment. Appreciated 1 on1 instruction.” RN professor --local program

“I am very happy with this training.” Medical Assistant - Truxtun Radiology

“Nice atmosphere/setting- comfortable and relaxed. Very informative - liked the small group interaction. Great job!” Teacher - Panama Buena Vista District

“Flexible, Timely and Friendly” -School RN for severely disabled

“The classroom was comfortable. Very good class site.” -BC RN student

“Excellent instructors, learned a lot, felt comfortable performing techniques, non intimidating” -Staff Truxtun Radiology

“Compared to other CPR courses I have taken, I now feel more prepared in an emergency from this course. Kristen and Vilate were very friendly and knowledgeable - made class enjoyable.” -Xray/CT Technician

“I loved the course. It was a fun and easy way to learn.” -Personal weight trainer

“Great course! Very informative. Kristen and Vilate made the course exciting and full of energy. Thanks.” -XR/CT/MR technician

“I learned new equipment and it applied to our work environment a lot better than prior instructors. The course was not boring!” -US technician

“Very good, well spoken with all the equipment needed for the class. Thank you.” -Staff from Truxtun Radiology

“Fun, easy, interesting, informative!" -Local MD

“Great Instuctor!” -Physicians Assistant

“Very student friendly environment” -Nursing Manager for California Prison System

“You were great!” RN - Bahamas Surgery Center

“Very satisfied, enjoyed the course and learned a lot!” RN - Southern California Orthopedic Institute

“She made the class easy and fun! I learned a lot!” -US tech at Central Cardiology Medical Clinic

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