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Advanced Cardiac Life Support is designed for those working in the healthcare setting. Participants must have knowledge of basic arrhythmia (heart rhythms), code blue pharmacology, airway adjuncts, and treatments for various cardiac or respiratory emergencies. To pass, participants must navigate multiple arrhythmias and treatments in a mega code simulation, perform in skills stations for respiratory emergencies, and demonstrate CPR/AED basics. The provider cards are current for 2 years.

**First Time Students will need to complete online pretest and precourse work prior to class and bring a certificate of completion.


Hybrid Course: $150
Traditional Course: $150
Heartcode Skills Check: $100


The Basic Life Support course covers all the basics of adult, child and infant life support, such as CPR skills, AED use, BVM ventilation and choking. It is geared for those working or entering the healthcare field. The provider cards are current for 2 years. There are two options for course completion: a live class which is generally about 3-4 hours and cost is $75 or completing the first part of the course online through the AHA’s elearning website and then coming for a skills check off. Our fee for the skills check is $50 but the AHA does charge to use their online system, so the cost is only a few dollars difference.


Live Class: $75
Skills Check: $50


Pediatric Advanced Life Support is designed for those who work in areas that encounter pediatric emergencies. Participants must be knowledgeable in cardiac arrhythmias, pharmacology, airways and be able to navigate in mega codes through any of the 12 core cases: 4 cardiac, 4 respiratory and 4 shock states. There are now more options than ever: PALS Heartcode which consists of all online learning followed by skills check, hybrid courses that are a combination of online and in person review and testing, or traditional live courses. The provider cards are current for 2 years.

**First Time Students will need to complete online pretest and precourse work prior to class and bring a certificate of completion.


Hybrid Course: $150
Traditional Course: $150
Heartcode Skills Check: $100

Basic Arrhythmia

This is a series of classes teaching the student how to read the ECG heart monitor. It is generally taught in 4-5 class sessions and requires studying at home to reinforce what is taught in class. After the final exam, a certificate of completion will be given with the students final score in the class.


Course Fee: $225
Refresh or Tutoring: $55/hour

Heartsaver CPR/ First Aid

Heartsaver or Pediatric Heartsaver Basic Life Support can be taught with or without First Aid. This course begins with CPR and training with the AED. It can be a standalone course of adult BLS or can include a variety of modules to meet the standards of OSHA compliance. It is designed for those without a medical background. Learning modules can include: bloodborne pathogens, first aid, Epi-pen, asthma inhaler, and infant and child CPR. Courses that cover all components of CPR and AED are issued a completion card that is current for two years. Partial courses have certificates of completion only.


CPR/AED: $75
CPR/AED with First Aid: $85
First Aid Only: $50
Skills Check: $50


NRP or a Neonatal Resuscitation Program, is a joint venture between the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to teach participants how to handle neonatal emergencies. Currently, the course consists of an online segment and an in-person clinical practicum. The AAP has linked up with Healthstream to complete the online part, so you may have to create a Healthstream account. Find information at www.aap.org. 


Skill Check: $100

other services

Mock Code Practice: BLS, ACLS, PALS
Crash Cart Setup/Standardization
Code Blue Audits
Basic Arrhythmia Tutoring
Bloodborne pathogens
Malignant hypothermia drills

Call as pricing varies


emergency recertification

“For emergency recertification needed within 1 week or private classes, an additional surcharge may be applied. Surcharge as follows: $100 for ACLS or PALS, $50 for CPR. Please see FAQ page for more details.”


In 2016, The American Heart Association adopted an “open resource policy” on tests. This means it’s open book! Download the books to your kindle, phone, or tablet with the button below. Books may also be purchased online, from local bookstores, hospital education departments, checked out from local libraries, borrowed from friends or rented from Amazon and other online book retailers.

More Information

Skills Check-Off courses must have certificate printed from elearning.heart.org showing that written and lecture portions of the course have been completed online.

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